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From the Daily Mail.  Potentially the wife of our next Prime Minister in a risqué fashion shoot?  Big deal !! – she looks good and they’re hardly pornographic are they?  This could be our big opportunity to show the French that they don’t have the monopoly on a bit of glamour in politics……

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Europe…. Superpower

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How exciting…. Europe is a superpower now.  This new dynamic thrusting regional power will be forcefully led by some guy almost no one has heard of and ably supported by some gal that almost no one has heard of – Go Europe!

Just for the record, our new President is  Herman van Rompuy (at least he has a slightly funny name) and our new foreign minister is Lady Ashton (sadly, not funny at all)

I’m going to end this post with another one of my arty photos of a lady because I tend to get more hits when I put pictures of semi-naked women on the blog.  I admire your collective taste.

Have a nice weekend folks.


Photographing Women as Art

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sunlegSo guess what… I love photographing women.  I have done portraits and full length but I much prefer using parts of a womans body as an art form.  It’s common that women are willing to pose provided they can’t be identified in the photo.  This means I often take quite abstract photos which happily I find more interesting than standard portraits anyway.  It is, of course, one of my favourite pastimes and my models always return jbsfor more although persuading them the first time is always a tough proposition.  I often get some good shots at the first session but are much more likely to get better shots during the second session when we are both more relaxed with each other.

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